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Forced Readings: A Twisted View of Censorship on Campus

This Salvo Magazine article takes a look at how liberal education is redefining censorship. Read the article here.

Party Schools

David Horowitz zeros in on the indoctrination of students by ideologues. Read the article here.

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

College personnel everywhere are struggling with students’ increased neediness. Read the article here.

The Case Against Laptops in the Classroom

Some teachers and professors are rethinking allowing laptops and other electronics in the classroom. Read the article here.

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers

The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at developing the qualities of powerful teachers. From the article:

American higher education seems to be experiencing a kind of teaching renaissance. Articles on the subject proliferate on this site and others, suggesting a renewed interest and commitment to the subject across academe.

Read the full article here.

How I Almost Lost the Bible

Had it not been for the first editor of Christianity Today, I likely would have gone the way of liberal scholar Bart Ehrman, says article author Gregory Alan Thornbury for Christianity Today. Read the full article here.

10 Things Every College Professor Hates

College professor Lisa Wade is doing college students and professors a big favor by voicing the pet peeves that professors have about their students. Her article in “Business Insider” offers students a helpful tutorial on some aspects of how to be a better student. Her list of “10 Things Every College Professor Hates” is worth a look. She writes:

“I reached out to my network and collected some things that really get on instructors’ nerves. Here are the results: some of the “don’ts” for how to interact with your professor or teaching assistant. For what it’s worth, No. 2 was by far the most common complaint.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Do Students Learn More from Great Lectures or Bad Ones?

According to a paper published in the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, “Appearances can be deceiving: instructor fluency increases perceptions of learning without increasing actual learning.”

Read a report from Inside Higher Ed here.

Read the paper abstract here.

Gap Between High School Preparation, College Expectations

Findings from the latest ACT National Curriculum Survey point to a continued gap between what high schools are teaching and what colleges expect their incoming students to know. The survey results suggest “this gap may indicate a lack of alignment between high school and college curricula that could be contributing to the nation’s college and career readiness problem…. and shows more than three times as many high school teachers as college instructors believe their students are prepared to succeed in college courses.”

Read the full report here.

Download the survey results (.pdf) here.

Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?

New book by sociologist Neil Gross explains how academic liberalism became a self-reproducing phenomenon, and why Americans on both the left and right should take notice. Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care? is available from Harvard University Press.

Learn more about the book here.

Read a review by Mark Bauerlein (The Weekly Standard) here.