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Jaded Children, Callow Adults

This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at what we lose when we expand adolescence. From the article:

“For some time, we’ve been seeing a curious trend: Young adults are attempting to delay adulthood, while preteen children are hurrying—or being hurried—into the roles and attitudes of young adults. It’s no accident that child psychologists have extended their definition of adolescence into the 20s or that primary-school kids are pushed into beauty pageants where they are dressed like Miss America.”

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The Culture of Adolescence

George Will writes the following in an opinion piece on

As Penn State historian Gary Cross says, adolescence is being redefined to extend well into the 20s, and the “clustering of rites of passage” into adulthood – marriage, childbearing, permanent employment – “has largely disappeared.”

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College Students Report More Stress, Less Time to Socialize

College students report experiencing a lot of stress, due to things like academic pressure and finances, and also report having little time to hang out with friends. Read the article here.

Children, Teens and Entertainment Media: The View From The Classroom

Common Sense Media conducted a national survey of teachers about the role of entertainment media in students’ academic and social development.

Key Finding 1: “Many teachers think their students’ use of entertainment media has hurt their academic performance.”

Key Finding 2: “Among teachers who say their students’ academic skills have been hurt by entertainment media use, the media most often cited as problematic are texting, social networking, video games, and television, depending on the students’ age.”

Key Finding 3: “The biggest problem area teachers see in terms of their students’ skills is in writing.”

Read more “key findings” here.

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