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Montreat students call life covenant ‘divisive’

MONTREAT – Some Montreat College students say the school’s new community life covenant, which has prompted some faculty members to leave, has divided the normally close-knit campus. Read the full article here.

9-Yr-Old Starts College, Wants to Become Astrophysicist: ‘I Want to Prove That God Does Exist’

While most other 9-year-olds are in fourth grade, William Maillis has graduated high school and is currently enrolled in college with plans to become an astrophysicist. Read his story here.

Forced Readings: A Twisted View of Censorship on Campus

This Salvo Magazine article takes a look at how liberal education is redefining censorship. Read the article here.

Party Schools

David Horowitz zeros in on the indoctrination of students by ideologues. Read the article here.

Backgrounds and Beliefs of College Freshmen

For five decades, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles have surveyed the nation’s incoming freshmen to learn more about their backgrounds, views, and expectations.

See the most recent results here.

Do College Students Care About Truth?

Because of the impact of post-modernism, many seem to assume that college students are not interested in objective truth. Is this true?

Read the article here.

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2019

Now in its 18th year from Beloit College, The Mindset List continues to reflect the worldview of entering first year students.

Check out the list here.

How I Almost Lost the Bible

Had it not been for the first editor of Christianity Today, I likely would have gone the way of liberal scholar Bart Ehrman, says article author Gregory Alan Thornbury for Christianity Today. Read the full article here.

Use College to Begin Adulthood, Not Finish Adolescence

The September 17 edition of The Pitt News, the University of Pittsburgh’s daily student newspaper, included a thought-provoking opinion piece by Simon Brown. In response to A.O. Scott’s recent article on “The Death of Adulthood In America,” Brown challenges college students to “Use college to being adulthood, not finish adolescence.” In a world where parents, churches, businesses, and institutions of higher education are grappling with how to navigate the cultural realities of extended adolescence and emerging adulthood, Brown calls for a more thoughtful and intentional script to be pursued, embraced, and lived. He writes,

“Our cultural fixation on youth has lifted the experience of college to nostalgic heights. The mantra that “college is the best four years of your life,” however, distorts the experience for young people, who are anxious not to “waste” those precious years. We ought to reconsider our cultural expectation that college be the last gasp of adolescence, and we should, instead, consider it the entrance to a redefined adulthood.”

Read the rest of the article here.

A Free Sample of Learning for the Love of God is Now Available!

Excerpt4A free sample of Learning for the Love of God: A Student’s Guide to Academic Faithfulness, coauthored by Derek Melleby, is now available from Brazos Press. The excerpt includes:

Table of Contents

New Preface


Chapter One: Wide-Eyed

Chapter Two: Babylon U?

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